About Ci'Orip

Nature is right in front of you,

use your own feet, use your own hands, walk with your heart and soul, walk into his embrace, explore little by little, realize little by little, and burn into your psyche little by little.

The various flowers and trees in nature are like long-time friends, gently saying, “Hi! “Nature is where you are, and every part of your life is filled with the wonders of nature, along with the deep satisfaction of your heart; embrace the fullness of nature’s offerings, and your heart will be enriched.


Living and Breathing with Nature

Ci’Orip is the aboriginal “Amis” word for life and culture, while Ci’Orip stands for life.

The Ci’Orip logo combines the Chinese calligraphy character for humans with the shape of a mountain peak, which represents nature and suggests that we are all living in nature and that we should respect all things natural and live in harmony with heaven and earth.




Hydrosol is the best gift of nature to mankind

Queen’s Herbal Madre is one of our brands, which comes from the persistence and heartfelt expectation of a mother – expecting her two children to be relieved from the pain of atopic dermatitis; in a chance encounter with a good Hydrosol, she discovered that essential oils and Hydrosols are the best gifts from nature to mankind, and this opportunity also allows her children’s skin diseases to be cured. He fell head over heels into the world of pure nectar and vowed to help people solve their skin problems for the rest of his life.

Queen’s Herbal Madre is the first green botanicals factory in Taiwan to use Hydrosols as the base, with the cooperation of local farmers in Taiwan, using non-toxic planting methods, direct delivery of raw materials from the production area, and small quantity production. We have developed a full range of skin repair products based on natural origin ingredients and modern technology.