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An expectation from mom: Health

How amazing is Hydrosols!

An expectation from mom: Health

A nurse mother from a family with a child with atopic dermatitis
Because of a chance encounter with a good Hydrosol.
It helped her child with atopic dermatitis to see the light of day
Then she realized how miraculous Good Hydrosol is!
So, with her medical knowledge and clinical experience
I fell headlong into the world of Hydrosols care.

I looked for many OEMs to make care products for my daughter.
But many factories refused.
“We can’t do it without preservatives! Don’t keep thinking about not adding preservatives!
“We haven’t made this before, you can make it for someone else”
“This quantity is too small, we don’t take such small orders.”

…… So, I decided to do it myself.

If this is the most important thing, then I am willing to spend my life doing it.

In particular, the water-soluble therapeutic properties of hydrosol do not exist in essential oils.

About Me

For the sake of the children, the founder has been preparing to do a series of pure dew-based care products OEM since the end of 2017, with local small farmers in Taiwan, with direct delivery of raw materials from the production area, small production, non-toxic planting as the starting point, is the first pure dew-based green phytocosmetic care products factory in Taiwan, with the direct distillation of fresh pure dew from the production area as the base, with plant oils and medical-grade active ingredients, with natural source ingredients as the main, scientific safety It is the first factory in Taiwan to use green botanicals as the base of its products.

Pure extracts are the most gentle, healthy, and firming power for the skin.

Mission & Vision

Using pure dew instead of water.


Replace water with hydrosol

The unhardened flowers are hand-picked at a high cost to ensure that the raw material is clean and free of contamination. The extracts are then distilled for 30 minutes before being used as a base for the care products.


Copper pot for distillation

Unlike stainless steel pots in the market, we use copper pots to retain the full plant aroma and enhance the anti-bacterial function.

The base oils are all vegetable oils

No essential oil emulsifiers are added, no fragrances are used for perfumery, the hydrosol itself and the essential oil fragrance are used.



What is a real hydrosol?

Hydrosol is the ancient human wisdom of extracting beneficial plants such as leaves, flowers, peels, berries, wood, stems, and roots

It is extracted by means of water vapor and used in skincare and even in cooking. The pure dew is distilled through repeated cycles to bring the extract

In order to extract the various nutrients contained in the plant, it can be used to the maximum extent. The oil phase, which floats on top

The water-soluble nutrients become vaporized saturated water, and the chemical molecules are more delicate than pure water and can be easily absorbed by the body.

In particular, the water-soluble therapeutic properties of hydrosol do not exist in essential oils.



Why is Pure Dew revered as a healthy water like God?

The lotion is usually used to re-cleanse the skin, because of the functionality of the metabolism of the keratin and the addition of chemical ingredients, such as salicylic acid, alcohol, and other ingredients, which can easily cause discomfort to sensitive skin. However, the natural herbal properties of the lotion are different from the plants themselves, which help to soothe, calm, and purify the skin. Natural herbal hydrosol, more gentle characteristics, the water solubility itself can be destined to be more absorbed by the body in terms of absorption and digestion, which means that in the treatment of some problems, hydrosol is the relatively better choice.


Why is the scent of each batch of pure lotion different?

The aroma and color of each batch of pure dew will vary by 5-10%, depending on the climate and place of production.


Why can't hydrosol products be packaged in translucent packaging?

Since hydrosol is a natural product, we recommend using opaque packaging in order to avoid the deterioration of pure dew due to light transmission.


Can the lotion be packaged in an open package for ease of use?

The lotion and serum products of the All Pure Vegetable Oil series should be packed in vacuum bottles to avoid contamination and oxidation. The expiration date is as recommended: about 18 to 24 months, use up within 6 months after opening.


What are the services?

hydrosol / essential oil / original liquid OEM extraction, pure lotion base maintenance products research and development, OEM / ODM, on behalf of customers packaging, purchase packaging materials, commodity packaging consulting, artwork design.

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